50/50, 50mm lens, 50 days, 50 photographs


When I bought my first iPhone I had a go at taking a picture everyday for a year and posting the results online, the most difficult thing about it was remembering to take a picture everyday. Sometimes I would put quite a bit of effort into the photograph and some days it was ‘just a snap’ The best thing about the experience was having to make the effort and if I missed a day well that would be it, start again, back to number one, I’m happy to say I did meet the challenge. You can see the results here: Link

That was back in 2010-11 and while I see no point in repeating that particular exercise I set myself a new challenge using only a 50mm lens (or equivalent on a cropped sensor) taking a photograph on 50 consecutive days and posting online. There are no other rules, subject. lighting etc are left to me so lets see what I can come up with. The full set of images will be published regularly on flickr

I must add I originally saw the idea on Belgium Photographer Bert Stephani flickr feed you can take a look at Bert’s 50/50 here: Link


50/50 day 1 – Sharp Street Roll of Honour