50/50 Completed

I’m pleased to say I’ve managed to complete my 50/50 project It certainly wasn’t an easy task to make myself take a pictured every day come rain or shine especially when I’d been busy with the commercial photography.

So what did I learn? Well modern day photographers often dismiss the humble 50mm angle of view, its not a sexy lens like a tilt shift, zoom or wide aperture 85mm but it is a very capable optic, I always knew it was but this little exercise has definitely reminded me of how versatile it is and if I had to carry only one lens for everyday use this would be it. The next time I’m asked by a budding photographer about the latest all singing all dancing (and I bet expensive) lensware I shall point then to this blog post and gallery to remind them that photography’s not all about the equipment (all photographers love it) Its about the photographs.

Please take  minute to enjoy the 50 photographs